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How Termite Baiting Treatment Works?

Step 1: Inspection

Inspection is an integral part of Exterminex Termite Interception and Baiting System. Throughout inspection  will be carried out on the structure to be managed by skilled and trained technician. Proper and throughout inspection will provide not only the Authorized Exterminex Operator an in-depth knowledge of the degree of infestation but to map the site for installation of Exterminex In-ground Stations and Exterminex Above-ground Stations.


Step 2: Installation

Exterminex® Above-ground Station (AG)

AG is placed inside the building where termite activity is sighted and active. The essence Exterminex® Above-ground Station placement is to provide termites with ample access to the Exterminex Bait matrix. Exterminex® Above-ground Station is designed to provide comfort to termite while feeding on Exterminex® Termite Bait in the Station. Termites can't resist Exterminex® Bait, termite workers will bring the bait back to the nest and sharing with all colony members.

地上诱饵药盒(AG Station)将装置在白蚁侵蚀且活跃的位置,以便白蚁可以轻易察觉诱饵且不停运送回白蚁主巢分食。 

Exterminex® In-ground Station (IG)

IG will be installed in the Soil-ground around the perimeter of the structure to be managed. The function of the Exterminex In-ground Station with unique timber interceptors is to intercept foraging termites. Holes were dig using 100 mm diameter auger to house the Exterminex In-ground Stations.  The Exterminex In-ground Stations must be well fitted in the bored hole.

​地下诱饵系统(IG Station)将装置在土质地里,环绕着建筑范围,以形成一个保护圈。在地底且出来觅食的白蚁群在侵蚀建筑前会被诱饵系统监测且阻止。

Step 3: Monitoring

Inspect the baited Exterminex® Above & In-ground Station 2 weeks after initial installation. Replenished consumed Exterminex Termite Bait.Second and further inspection of the baited Above-ground Stations are carried-out at a two weeks interval.

The whole process takes about 2-3 months to ensure the whole termite colony consumed the slow-acting Exterminex® bait. At the meanwhile, all termites would focus on feeding Exterminex® bait instead of continue attacking other part of the building structure. 

​第一次诱饵系统组装完成后,每间隔2个星期都会检查与填满新诱饵直至白蚁完全消灭。整个过程耗时大约2-3个月 整个白蚁窝将被完全消灭。 而在整个消灭过程中 所有白蚁会专注于取食诱饵,无法再继续破坏其它建筑结构。

Step 4: Elimination

​At the final stage (normally 2-3 months after 1st treatment), no termite activity will be found in the Exterminex bait station and whole structure building. Whole colony is now eliminated by the Exterminex bait and no more damage by the same termite colony to your structure. 

最后阶段,白蚁群已经喂食了大量诱饵,白蚁活动会逐渐减少 白蚁数量也会剧减到完全被成功消灭为止。 

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