Corrective Soil

Post-construction long-term preventive method to create termiticide barrier surrounding the structure buildings. 

Corrective Soil Treatment

Corrective soil treatment (CST) is the long-term protective method to eliminate & prevent Subterranean Termite from invading the existing structures such as houses, factories, shop lots and any other buildings.

Firstly, holes are drilled along the perimeter of the premises, measuring 2 feet between 2 holes, 10 cm from the wall and 2 feet in depth. Anti- Termite chemicals are pumped into these holes using water pump machine and later re- patched. The Anti- Termite chemicals will bond to the beam of the premise and create a long lasting chemical barrier that protect premise from Subterranean Termites. A WARRANTY is given after completion of the Corrective Soil Treatment. 

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