The most well-known species in Malaysia are the American cockroach and the German cockroach. 

American cockroaches survive in a warm and humid area like drains and sewers. They are shining red in colour and is 35-40 mm in length. This is considered to be the largest species of cockroach. The lifespan of American cockroach is 100 days to 3 years.
In Malaysia, the American cockroach is the major & largest of all building-infesting cockroaches. It can be found in drainage, homes, restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries and almost everywhere in the world. 

German Cockroaches are yellowish-brown in colour and is about 10-15mm in length. They need dark and secluded areas to survive like small crack and crevices, behind the refrigerator, under the wooden tables and under cupboards.
German Cockroaches has a lifespan approximately 100 days but they can produce a larger number of eggs per capsule and they undergo the shortest time from hatching until sexual maturity, resulting in a rapid population growth.
In Malaysia, the German Cockroach is the major pest problem of food outlets, food manufacturing factories, hotels, warehouses, supermarket, etc.


  • Cockroaches which comes into contact with human excrement in sewers may transmit bacteria that cause food poisoning (Salmonella spp. and Shigella spp.). German cockroaches are believed to be capable of transmitting disease-causing organisms such as Staphylococcus spp., Streptococcus spp., hepatitis virus, and coliform bacteria. They also have been implicated in the spread of typhoid and dysentery. Some people, especially those with asthma, are sensitive to the allergens produced by these cockroaches. However, a major concern with cockroaches is that people are repulsed when they find cockroaches in their homes and kitchens.


  • Proper Inspection

  • Residual Insecticide Spray

      (Registered Insecticide - Safe & Effective)

  • Cockroach Gel Baiting

      (Registered Gel Bait - Safe & Effective)

  • Cleanliness and Hygiene must be maintained

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